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Post Doc

In 2012, Sarah van Veen set her first steps in LCTS as a lab rotation student and during this one-month internship she got intrigued by the orphan transporter ATP13A2.  In 2013, Sarah conducted her master thesis at LCTS and initiated the biochemical characterization of ATP13A2.  In 2014, Sarah graduated as a Master in Biomedical Sciences at KU Leuven. Bitten by the research microbe, she decided to start a PhD at LCTS and was not only successful in obtaining an FWO fellowship but also succeeded to identify the transported substrate of ATP13A2. She succefully defended her PhD on 31st March 2020 


When Sarah is not running around in the laboratory, she teaches the practical course Respiration to bachelor students. Furthermore, since 2016, Sarah represents her peers (PhD students and postdocs) as an elected member of the Board and Council of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. In addition, Sarah co-founded and manages the Scientific Mixer seminar series. She helped organizing several seminars dedicated to interesting technologies (e.g. CRISPR/Cas), core facilities (e.g. Genome Engineering platform, Molecular Small Animal Imaging Center) and Women in Science.


In her spare time, Sarah loves to bake (and eat) cakes as well as breed betta fish and spend time with her family and dog.

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