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Prof. Dr. Frank Wuytack


Emerirtus Professor KU Leuven

Frank Wuytack was the Principal Investigator of the research team before Peter Vangheluwe took this position. He graduated as a zoologist at the KULeuven in 1969 and obtained his PhD in Sciences in 1974. After a post doctoral fellowship at Lund University (Sweden) in November - December 1974 and at Vanderbilt University Nashville Tennessee (USA) in 1975 -1976 he obtained tenure at the Faculty of Medicine of the KULeuven, where he took the position of Principal Investigator of the research team on P-type ATPases since October 1998 until his retirement in October 2012.

His work involved the cell physiology and molecular biology of the Plasma Membrane Ca2+ -transport ATPases (PMCA), Sarco/Endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+- transport ATPases (SERCA) and the Secretory Pathway Ca2+ -transport ATPases (SPCA).

To clear his mind Frank turns to art, primarily sculpting (clay, concrete, stone, wood, iron) but also  drawing (pencil , charcoal) and painting (water color)

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