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PhD Student

Rongjie Li studied Pharmaceutical Science at KU Leuven and became a pharmacist in 2009. After obtaining some degrees in advanced master educations (Industrial Pharmacy in 2012 and Hospital Pharmacy in 2015), she decided to dive in fundamental research and graduate as Master of Biomedical Science in 2017.

During her master research in the Lab of Cellular Transport Systems, she became particularly interested in the structure-activity relationship of ATP13A2, a relatively young member from Group V of the P-type ATPase family. Based on the previous results obtained in the lab, she would like to further elucidate, how the N-terminus and the activating lipids interact with rest part of the protein and regulate its activity.

As a registered pharmacist, she is still intermittently active in the public pharmacy. She likes swimming and reading science fictions in her free time.

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