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Post Doc

Jialin Chen is a molecular biologist with long-term interest in understanding the working mechanisms of disease-associated proteins in order to advance the development of better therapies. She obtained the Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry (2010) and Master’s degree in molecular and cellular biophysics (2012) at KU Leuven, Belgium.

During her Ph.D. (2012-2019), Jialin Chen investigated two members of the calcium transporter family, SERCA and SPCA, that are implicated in a range of diseases such as heart failure and breast cancer. She optimized the purification and reconstitution systems which allow biochemical assays with high sensitivity and reliability. She designed and screened for small molecule regulators of the two Ca2+-transporters and investigated the regulation mechanism using various biochemical and biophysical techniques. Moreover, she gained extensive experiences in assay development, such as Tryptophan fluorescence assay, enzyme-coupled ATPase assay and fluorescence-based Ca2+-uptake assay.​

She is currently a post-doc leading several drug discovery projects related to heart failure and Parkinson’s disease between LCTS and collaborators. Her projects aim to develop druggable small molecule modulators that are potentially beneficial for the disease therapy.

After work, she enjoys small experiments at home in the kitchen.

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